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The Homeschooling Interactive Magazine is dedicated to creating an engaging and interactive learning experience for our readers. We provide valuable resources and support for parents in all aspects of their lives, including homeschooling, business, wellness, mental health, and more. Our magazine offers diverse content, including informative articles, personal stories, and motivational tips designed to help our readers destress and succeed in their homeschooling journey. By engaging with our audience and offering unique insights from homeschoolers and educators, The Homeschooling Interactive Magazine is committed to fostering an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for all.

We're thrilled to announce the release of our Special Edition Homeschooling Interactive Magazine, which focuses on mental health, homeschooling, and essential resources! This edition features an incredible interview with Estee “E Dot" Marie, an inspiring educator of the arts, author, and overcomer. Estee uses her voice to help children tap into their full potential and spread awareness of the importance of the arts in schools and homeschooling. In addition, dive into over 100 pages of interactive content and over 15 articles and stories from a select group of talented writers that will help you grow in your homeschooling and life journey!

If you would like to be featured or share your story in our magazine, check us out on or
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The Homeschooling Interactive Magazine

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