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Misty Blue

Tina is an informative and structured teacher. She can help find the best teaching method for any child and any situation


Tina is an excellent resource for the seasoned homeschooler or the beginner. She understands the needs of parent and child and lives what she teaches. I also had an opportunity to purchase several books from the pop-up store her children created and the books came promptly and in excellent condition.


Received a consultation from Tina regarding my sons learning disability. Not only did Tina provide a list of actions I could take she also provided lots of encouragement as ahe went through a very similar situation with her child. I highly recommend Tina's expertise if you're considering homeschooling your child or using therapeutic oils.

Louis Gordon
-United States 


I consider Dr. Tina  an educational expert! She is the go to person for Homeschooling as well as essential oils. I have learned a great deal from her. Thank you Tina!


Tina is amazing! She has helped me so much with wonderful homeschooling ideas and which oils to use for our family. I really wish more people would work with Tina so she can help balance their lives as she has ours and many others. Tina is the sweetest person I have ever met with a joyful smile and she tries so hard. She is a beautiful soul! Thank you so much Tina for making life so much better! Amazing!

Julie Dipietro
-United States


Tina conducted a consultation with me that provided ideas on how to restructure my day; and add in several oils that help with managing stress and increasing alertness.


 My consultation went very well, I leaned a lot about different resources and methods on educating my kids as well as how my children can help me with teaching them. I would definitely suggest Tina to anyone needing mentoring or assistance on information pertaining to the subject of homeschooling.


Tina is really helpful and she did a great job by emailing her free resources. I was a bit scared about working with Preschoolers but Tina helped me so much! Tina is a really nice person!


I'm Freda from Zambia. I met Tina as a total stranger but I can confidently recommend her to anyone looking for homeschooling and oils. Tina is amazing both as a person and as a coach. She knows her stuff. I love working with her. Her way of teaching just make things look easy. For example, I didn't know anything about homeschooling but after listening to Tina's lessons, I'm seriously considering homeschooling two of my kiddos. Tina is a Rockstar working with her is a pleasure!

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