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This Beautiful Color 90 days to the New You - Motivation Journal with Positive Thoughts Journal is for you to be inspired to write out the things that motivate you.

It is often said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit and 90 Days to change your Life. This 90 days to the New You -Motivation Journal with Positive Thoughts is a Journal designed to motivate you and for you to write out the things that matter and motivate you.


These last couple of years have been tough for the entire world. The fear, uncertainty, and loss have affected us on a wide scale. But now, it’s time for us to regain our hearts and reaffirm our hope. It's time for us to start living again!


We are ultimately in control of our lives and can become the change that we desire. Your current situation is not your outcome unless you ALLOW it to be.

We hope this journal lights a flame inside you to unapologetically walk into your purpose. This journal has some Affirmations, Quotes, and Scriptures to jumpstart your Motivation Writing Journey.


This Notebook is Ideal:

* For Men or Women

* To plan your Day

* To be your Journal

* To use it as a Vision Notebook for your Goals

* To be a Gift

* Can be used to take notes.

* Can be used as a Self Care and Positive Affirmations Notebook.

* To remind you of your Greatness

* To have a place to write about everything that Motivates You.

This is a color journal with Affirmations, Quotes, Motivation, and Scriptures on blank-lined notebook paper.

* 8x11 Inches in dimensions

* over a 160+ Pages



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No refunds, all sales are final

90 Days to the New You- Motivation Journal: Positive Thoughts

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