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We specialize in helping homeschooling parents de-stress the homeschooling process through tailored curriculum support, technology guidance, and resources to help families thrive.

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At CTR Homeschooling, we help homeschooling parents in three key areas: Curriculum, Technology, and  providing access to Resources to limit the stress associated with Homeschooling.

Our Services


Curriculum Support

We understand the immense challenges faced by homeschooling parents, in regards to selecting curriculum. We strive to alleviate this burden by offering a curated selection of beloved curriculum options endorsed by our community. Through insightful peek inside videos and reviews, we empower you to make informed and cost-effective decisions, ensuring a smoother homeschooling journey for you and your child.


Technology Guidance

In a rapidly evolving landscape of digital and online learning, navigating these technological advancements can pose challenges for homeschooling parents who may not be as tech-savvy. We're here to bridge that gap by offering a diverse range of resources including classes, eBooks, blogs, and tech videos. Moreover, we'll connect you with recommended programs and schools, empowering you to navigate this digital world with confidence and ease


Resource Access

With the homeschooling landscape evolving rapidly, accessibility to resources, community, and support is paramount for parents. That's why we're committed to providing seamless access through our website, services, and memberships. Stay informed about events, discounts, and more with our platform, ensuring you're always connected and equipped to navigate the dynamic world of homeschooling.

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